In Javier Cortés, the impossible becomes reality.



If nobody in the world can,only in Javier Cortés do we find how

In a world where challenges are the norm and unique solutions are essential, at Javier Cortes, we not only face challenges, we overcome them with innovation. We are the beacon of excellence in specialized cargo transportation, where every problem is an opportunity to create unsurpassable solutions. With a unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication, we provide answers to what seems impossible. At Javier Cortes, the impossible becomes our specialty

Our Expertise:

  • Mining Projects
  • Hydroelectric Projects
  • Wind Farms
  • Thermoenergy Projects
  • Industrial Projects
  • Industrial Assemblies

We are the best; our customers and the industry evaluate us daily with that standard.

Over 65 years delivering engineering solutions and providing transportation for oversize and overweight special cargo.

Our track record and reputation precede us with over 65 years.

We've built Chile together with our clients, being present in over 95% of the mining companies, major industrial projects, and now in wind farms.
Safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.
del 95% de las mineras, en los grandes proyectos industriales y
ahora en parques eólicos.

  • Security, efficiency, and
    environmental sustainability